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Wes Miller

Associate Broker

It was Wes' experience on the New York stage that inspired him to pursue a career in real estate. As any actor knows, one of the most important traits is listening. Wesley spends each day listening to and engaging his consumers. By asking the right questions, Wes digs into the client's wants and needs and is able to provide a clear path to the closing table in an otherwise complex and sketchy marketplace.

After studying marketing at UNC-Chapel Hill (go Tarheels!), Wes brought a dose of Southern Hospitality up to the concrete jungle. It was his traumatic Broker experience that inspired him to join the industry while earning a master’s degree in stage acting from NYU. Specializing in both sales and rentals, Wes takes a realistic and reliable approach when it comes to the business. In such a fast-paced environment, every move is time-sensitive. There is no room for error.

Wes will work concisely to secure or sell your next property. Whether you're pounding the pavement to find your first rental, investing money on a purchase, or shaping your business, Wes cuts through the smoke and mirrors that create an unnecessarily stressful realty market. He resides on the Upper West Side; and when the sun's out, you can find him spending hours in Central Park with his French bulldog, Wally.