Agent Photo

Stephanie Cammarata

Licensed Salesperson

It may have seemed discernible that Stephanie would take on the fast-paced world of NY real estate. Growing up just north of the city and raised by real estate investor parents, she learned the maintenance of residential properties at a young age and assisted in building management while attending college. But soon, Stephanie moved to NYC and tried her hand in television production and boutique store ownership, learning to sense and support the needs and desires of others. Little did she know that her one-on-one interactions within these fields would spark a fire, igniting her desire to connect people with what they truly love.

With several years of experience behind her, Stephanie knows what is essential to tend to her clients' real estate needs. From representing world-class properties to negotiating in the interest of the seller or consumer, she is able to make any purchase, sale or rental as gratifying and rewarding as possible.

Stephanie has a strong belief in making her business relationships last. After first transacting with her, you are now awarded a real estate consultant and ally for life. Any real estate advice or inquiry is now only a phone call away.