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Joseph Chehova

Licensed Salesperson

Joseph, a born and raised Brooklynite, graduated from Brooklyn College with a Bachelor's Degree in the study of Business Law and Real Estate. While spending time abroad, Joseph spent most of his time interacting with many different types of cultures and people, and this lead him to a new found love for person to person communication.

Upon his arrival home he immediately joined the Manhattan real estate business in order to continue building new and exciting relationships with people from the most diverse city in the world. Joseph prides himself on his extraordinary ability to befriend and interact with every person he comes in contact with. He has a passion for making people trust him, and does so by working with complete honesty and integrity. Joseph is an ambitious agent that is dedicated to the current and future happiness of all of his clients. He believes that once a relationship is formed it is never-ending and he will do whatever it takes to keep the connection alive.